Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Land that time should forget....let them all stay as they are....

Been quite a while since I sat down to write a blog.  I've been doing a bunch of other things and haven't had the opportunity to sit a write for fun...However, tonight I'm sitting at the beach. I'm a bit tired from being in the sun most of the afternoon.  I am not sunburned, thanks be to sunscreen...

We are again in God's waiting room.  The last couple of years we were not quite in this area of Florida.  Last year we were in the middle of the state, near "Mouse Land"...We didn't like it there.  It was a bit fake...No, make that a lot fake.

This year we're back in the waiting room, where everyone here is older than we are, and that's not too bad. I try to find places that are off the beaten track and not so "where the cool kids are".  By that I mean, not in the middle of the hoity-toity groups that are all over the place down here. 

They make all sorts of "fun" things to do: Roaring 20's parties, 60's sock hops, Sci-fi weirdo things, and of course the ever popular, Elvis impersonator dances...  We've hit some of them over the years just to see what's what. 

This year we are in a 1930's Florida cottage (a..k.a. "camp") that has been totally rehabbed and has all the mod-cons that are necessary for life as we know it today.  We have two bedrooms and only one bath (I told you it's like a camp). It is very well appointed with all the stuff needed to do just about anything you may need to do. 

The area is very residential. Most of the other folks around here stay down here for half the year.  As I said before, most of the folks are older than us.  Many have residual effects of pretty devastating illnesses and the like.  It's kind of like looking in a mirror and maybe seeing your future...and I hope I'm wrong, but we all have to go sometime. 

 The air here is warm but the ocean is cold, not cold enough for me to fore go walking in it looking for shark's teeth along with hundreds of other old farts.

The conversations you hear are all the same. It doesn't matter where you hear them, a restaurant, museum, the beach, casually strolling down a street just about everywhere.  First comes the talk about meds., then Docs, on to pooping, either too much or too little.  Honest to God, I'm not kidding.  It seems that everyone is obsessed with their evacuation.  I guess it's because it's a commonality between people of a certain age.

The driving hasn't gotten better down here either.  We have seen some really bad driving and I shudder every time I see a Buick sedan in my rear view mirror. I'm never sure if I should keep my eyes on the front windshield or the rear.  I've gotten whiplash every time I've come down here to the country that waits for God's finger to crook their way.  

I'm not being "snotty" as my husband suggests, I'm only observing from my vantage point.  It's quite amazing to think that all these really old people down here were once young and vibrant.  Granted, some are still quite vibrant for about two hours (usually in the early morning hours-that's when all the garage sales take place) then it's nap time to get ready for "cocktail time"...Every day...day after day...

Oh well, more later.....


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