Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ahhh... Springtime

Ahhhh...Springtime in the suburbs.    I arose this morning to the sounds, not of sweet melodic sounds of little birds scurrying around.  No, the sounds I heard at my bedroom window were more like a Mack Truck trying to get into the house, and not through the garage.  I could hear the banging of something attacking the siding.

After burying my head under the pillows to get relief from the racket, I finally thought I'd better get up and see what the Hell was going on in suburbia.   The side window didn't give me a clue but then the racket started again.   Following the noise I discovered several birds, big birds I might add, were trying to determine which of them had the right to the area above my bay window in the living room.   Oh yes, there was obviously a discrepancy on who held the lease to the ledge above my window. 

Watching the action from the relative safety of my living room, I could tell I was watching a Springtime ritual, that probably occurred a million times over and few of us get to see the action. 

There were two sets of Robins, at least that's what I thought they know, the ones with the "red breasts" we all learned about as a kid.  The ones who herald Springtime after a crummy bunch of months where we all huddle around fires and curse the Gods for all the damned snow that's fallen around us.

Now, I have to tell you, these birds are pretty tough.  I watched as one of the birds swooped down and smacked another of their species in the head.  I could see the attacked bird wobble in the air then turn tail and take off, maybe for help, I'm not sure, but I know one thing, the attacker was royally peeved.

The other Robin (?), must have been the female, although I wouldn't bet on that, was busily making a nest out of "stuff".   We've had nests on the top of the window ledge but this one takes the cake.  It's a freaking mansion.  I don't know if these birds have royal blood lines or not but they seem to think they do.

The nest goes from one end of the ledge over to the other side.  The window is 8' long and the nest is encompassing over 75% of the ledge.  To make matters worse, I opened the front door ever so slightly and found the outside door handle was strewn with nesting material.  The material, twigs, weeds, fleece and some other stuff I couldn't distinguish, was around the door handle up to the porch light.  The light was covered with the weeds and grass.  The fleece comes from me, I'm a spinner of yarn and in the Springtime I put fleece scraps outside for the birds to put in the nests....for the babies.....OK, I admit it, I'm a sucker for baby birds, as long as they know their place. 

When I opened the door to step outside I was "yelled' at by the two birds, who, apparently were watching me come out on to my porch.   They were not happy.  The attack bird, attacked!  I made it into the house before getting my eyes pecked out, at the very least, I'm sure.  

The nest seems quiet as I sit here, prisoner in my own house.   I beginning to think I may be in a new chapter of "The Birds".  I certainly hope not...

and the bad thing?....we're not paid any rent for the use of our house....something is wrong with that....

to be continued......