Sunday, March 24, 2013

Laziness-Value or Valueless?

I'm really becoming a slug when it comes to writing.  I have so many projects going at the moment, I haven't had the time to actually sit down and write much of anything.  This morning I decided to write whatever popped into my head. So here goes...

Do news anchors where pants when they're reporting the news, or do they have shorts on under the table?
Do they bother to wear shoes? or are they all wearing flip flops?

When you see the background filled with people working in cubicles behind the news anchors, are there really people working? or are they computer generated images?

How come anti-freeze tastes sweet, if it's deadly?

Do squirrels eat rotten acorns? If they do, do they get a stomach ache?

Why do some people feel they have to be ahead of everyone else in a line of traffic? Are they going to get someplace way faster than everyone else?  Does a nano second ahead of the line make that much difference, really?

How come whenever you change a baby's diaper they immediately poop?

If pipes in a house get corroded by the mineral content in the water, does that mean the people who drink that same water have some sort of "corrosion" going on inside of them?

Home come granola and muesli doesn't look as good as bacon?

I wonder how long it would take for hoarders who get their houses cleaned out, to get the house back into the "hoarder" state?

If we people are all alike, how come we don't do things the same way? Ergo-we're not all alike

Why isn't the whipped cream on the bottom of a sundae instead of on the top?

I could do this forever, but it's boring.....