Thursday, December 31, 2009


I promised someone I would write a blog on the last day of the year and I have about an hour, so here I go.

I must say, I won't miss 2009. It's been a pretty strange year. We've been lucky. We're at an age where the economic crisis didn't affect us as much as many of our neighbors. We went through our rough times when we were in our 20's and 30's so I guess we all have to go through some rough patches to learn how to deal with adversity. No one told us life wasn't fair, we all just assumed it was, and when bad things happened we blamed whomever was closest at hand...

2009 was a year of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and therapies of all sorts. I won't miss the ass end of the year, and I look forward to 2010 being better than the last year. But honestly, whatever it brings, it will be my decision how to accept it.

A long time ago I learned that I have choices in my life. In the morning I can wake up and say, "Oh my God, what a crappy day" or I can say, "OK this is the first day of the rest of my life and I'm going to make it a good day". It's my own choice. I know it sounds all phony and fake, but it's really the truth.

The happiest people I know are those that are not millionaires. They're the folks that love life, all of life. They don't wait for good things to happen to them, they go out and make the good things happen. They don't have all the newest and greatest of things and material wealth, they have love and cheer in their lives.

Most of us in this country have more than we need. Some need more to make their lives easier, but if anyone in this country wants to get ahead, there are ways to achieve it. You have to be willing to accept less and do more. It's not hard to understand that, but it is hard to accept it as your lot.

I am in the middle of a "semi-crisis" within my extended family. None of the crisis will affect me in any way at all, but I have been asked to look at some affidavits and records and give a synopsis of the problem as I see it. It's not unusual for me to take on this role as confidant, but this is a bit more than I need to know.

I bring this up because the reason for the problem that exists with this family member is all about greed, and the need to have more than they were entitled to have.

For some reason, we in this country, (and look in the mirror, because I don't know many American citizens that don't fit this description) seem to think if we want something, we should have it. Some of us realize we can't have everything right away, but by damn, if we want it we'll get it. I'm not talking about some gazillion dollar doo-dad, I'm talking about something that may be a bit of a stretch for us in this paycheck, but we'll figure out a way to get whatever it is at our earliest opportunity.

The extended family member wanted it all, and now. They did something that was not legal to embezzle millions (think ENRON) and they got caught, not as quick as they should have, but finally were caught. Now, it's "hang your head down and beg for mercy time"...I don't think's not going to happen. It's big time jail time and rightly so. They had the same choices that you and I had and chose to take from someone else, so they could buy the cars, houses, businesses, more houses, more cars, go on extended trips and say it was all because of a large inheritance...yeah..right...

They will pay dearly for the fun in the sun they once had, but will never have again. I hope they liked all the great road trips they took in the hotsy-totsy cars they had, it will be a cold day in Hell before that happens again. Life will go on for them, but not the life they had, nor the life they could have had if they had made better choices when they woke up that first day they decided to take what wasn't theirs to take.

It's about choices in life, and I think we all need to remember that we are our own destiny and the choices we make today will most definitely affect us tomorrow. Everything we do has some affect on us at some point in our lives. I could say it's Karma, but it's really Physics....If you push one way, something has to fall away from the push some other way. What goes around, comes around...Watch those choices....they could well put you away for many years.......That's the truth...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Bye 2009

Do you think the whole month of December will be about Tiger Woods and his paramours? Do you really care? Who the Hell cares? I think it's nuts.

When I heard the first murmurs about the "car accident" I was concerned about the guy. Then I heard a bit more... I said to husband Larry, "You know what I think? He took off out of the house for his life...yep...he did something that the big Viking heard about and she's pissed". Larry thought I was nuts and said, "No, not Tiger". I looked at him and said, "What? He's a man, he's got tons of money, with money comes power. Those are the things that women look for when they're on the prowl. You can't honestly think that any guy who thinks he can get away with it would say, 'Please leave me alone...I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'm married and I can't betray my wife'. All this as she's grabbing him and probably hanging over him with her bodacious tatas hanging out.

"What? Are you nuts? He's been doing the deed and not with his wife. She found out and slapped him silly. He ran out for his life". Larry wasn't convinced, he thought I was a vindictive nasty thinking woman...he's right on that of course.

So for a day Larry thought I was nuts...then the story starts to unravel. Lo, and behold, it seems that Mr. Woods has indeed had some indiscretions in the past. Not nice, Mr. Woods, now you know what it's like when big blond Vikings get pissed. If this marriage lasts, I'll bet he's going to be a good boy for a looong time.

2009 has been a year I want to forget. Honest. There's been so many dumb things that have happened, I'm glad it's almost over, I've had it.

Ever notice we all go through these cycles. It might be a series of illnesses, or maybe everything you touch falls apart in your hands, or it could be that every appliance in your home decides to die at once. It happens to everyone...but not at the time it's happening to you. No, you're going through some kinds of craziness and everyone else is eating bon-bons.

I thought when I got to this age I'd be cool, no problem, I can handle everything and still keep on going strong. Not.... I'm tired and not physically. I'm tired of watching the same three news stories every night...some kind of frenzied news reporter telling me with sensationalism that the world is coming to an end...and soon. If I change the station, another 10 year old looking news person (got to be P.C. you know) will be telling me the same story, only this time with a different and probably more sensational spin on the story.

I thought this year was one of the worst for news reporting. I think if you pitted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ against the death of Michael Jackson, Jackson would be the clear winner in the news reporting category. One day, all the channels on my TV has something about the Jackson death at the same time, even the weather channel (I didn't check the golf channel...but then that was before the Tiger story so who knows what they were reporting on).

Between deaths, illnesses, lousy TV reporting, and an assortment of other weird and strange things, this year will be a pleasure to see go.

I do have some things to be thankful for however, I wrote the NaNoWriMo book (74523 words) and I have a new grand baby coming any minute I guess the end of the year was pretty good...I don't know if it made up for the rest of the year though....